General Meditations

The meditations in this section cover a range of subjects and may be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their meditation experience.

Chakra Balancing Meditation (21 minutes)

A meditation using the sounds and qualities of the chakras to restore balance within the body’s energy centers.

Chakra Purifying Meditation (12 minutes)

Using Pure Light to purify and cleanse the chakras for health and wellbeing.

Elements in the Body Meditation (12 minutes)

Recognizing that everything outside us is also within us.

Expansion of Consciousness Meditation (14 minutes)

A meditation to take you beyond your normal boundaries to become One with everything.

Full Body Relaxation Meditation (24 minutes)

To bring a state of deep relaxation to the mind and body.

Great Being Love Meditation (16 minutes)

A meditation to receive Divine Love.

Healing the Body with Pure Love Meditation (15 minutes)

Using Pure Love from your Higher Self to help heal and purify the body.

Joy and Bliss Meditation (12 minutes)

Restoring Joy and Bliss to your life.

Meditation for Falling Asleep (23 minutes)

Preparing for a restful sleep (best done lying in bed).

Meditation for Releasing the Day (13 minutes)

It is recommended to practice this meditation lying down in bed as a prelude to sleep, although it may be practiced at other times for deep relaxation.

Sharing Compassion Meditation (13 minutes)

To share compassion with the world, transforming suffering to love.

Sharing Love with the World, Meditation (15 minutes)

Healing the world with unconditional love, bringing love to those in need.

Subtle Body Healing Meditation (11 minutes)

Purifying and energizing the subtle energy field to help heal the physical body.

The Light You Are (12 minutes)

Reconnecting with your inner light, your essential Self.

You Are The Universe Meditation (12 minutes)

Experiencing yourself as the totality.