We’ve all probably had the experience of the instant fulfillment of a desire, at some time in our life. We thought of something that we really wanted and almost out of the blue, there it was. Somehow we tapped into the field of Infinite Possibilities, where anything is available to us all of the time.

Unfortunately, for most of us, these experiences are few and far between and, as a general rule, fulfilling our desires is often a long and arduous process. If we want a new car for example, we can work, maybe taking on a second job, save, take out a loan, until we have enough money for the car. Other desires may not necessitate money but almost always take time and effort to reach fulfillment. However, as we grow spiritually, we start to see our desires being realized with less and less effort and in shorter and shorter amounts of time. The final goal being to have all our wishes spontaneously provided for us. When we are totally in harmony with nature, everything we could possibly want just unfolds in front of us as we move through life.

Imagine you were sitting at home and had the desire for a bowl of ice-cream. Most people would get up, get in the car, drive to the store, buy some ice-cream, return home and eat it. The desire was achieved but with effort and time. As we expand our consciousness, we might have the same desire but before we leave home, we decide to look in the freezer and, what do you know, there’s some ice-cream you’d forgotten about or someone else had bought. Same result with a lot less time and effort. Now as we continue to grow, just as we are having that desire, our partner walks into the room and says, “I was just fixing myself a bowl of ice-cream and thought I’d bring you some”. Now this is really starting to work for us.

The enlightened person however, merely has to have the idea, ‘ice-cream’, and instantly has the total sensory experience of ice-cream. He or she doesn’t have to go anywhere or do anything, except have the desire and best of all it’s not even fattening. Actually, to be perfectly correct, at that level, we are the ice-cream!