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Knowledge is an important component of our spiritual growth.

Over the period of some 30 years, I have written these articles to illustrate a variety of spiritual ideas and principles.

Knowledge can guide us in our practices, let us know what to expect along the way and support us in times of doubt. However, knowledge alone can only take us so far. Direct experience is equally as important so I encourage you to choose the practices which resonate with you and make them part of your daily life.

These articles have been grouped by categories to help you select the ones that may be of greater interest to you. 

Edited versions of some of these articles have been published in other places, including the Chopra Center Lifestyles Newsletters.

I have always tried to fully research each topic and apologize for any inaccuracies. Unlike scientific “facts”, spiritual wisdom is open to interpretation. These articles reflect my understanding of the subjects. Please read them with an open mind and find the path that best suits you.

Health, Well-being and Lifestyle

Loving Practices

Guidelines for Bringing More Love into One’s Life The ignorant person desires material objects, the intelligent person desires enlightenment but the wise person just loves and everything comes to him or her As the Beatles told us, “All you need is love” and how sure this is.  Our highest vibration, our Essence, who we really are, is Pure Love.  When we love, we connect with the deepest part of ourself.  The part of ourself which is

How Does Karma Affect Our Lives?

Unless we are highly evolved, enlightened beings, Karma affects our lives in every way, in fact, our lives are the constant unfolding of Karma! The Karmic Software Karma means action. Physics tells us that for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction. Karma or action is energy, which in itself is neither good nor bad, these are just the labels or evaluations we choose to attach to it. The energy created by

Mechanics of Healing With Sound

A physician friend of mine once jokingly said, that most of the time, doctors just entertain their patients until they cure themselves. While he was joking, there is an element of truth in what he said. The body is its own best healer. When balanced and harmonious, our bodies know exactly what do do in any situation. The unmanifest Absolute, Pure Consciousness is silent but holds the potential for all sounds and vibrations. When Pure

The Chakras

There are several different schools of thought about the Chakras. Here we are giving the standard explanations adopted by the Chopra Center, which doesn’t mean other approaches, you may have heard, are incorrect. Chakras are Centers of Transformation within the physiology. The Vedantic Tradition states that Consciousness is primary matter is secondary, which means that Consciousness is constantly transforming into matter at every point in the Universe. If it stopped for a fraction of second,

Creating a Sacred Space at Home

Even though your Sadhana (spiritual practice) is not just something you do for a few minutes a day but rather a reflection of who you are, there are certain practices which most of us follow regularly. These often include japa meditation, silent meditation, pranayama breathing exercises, chanting and reading inspirational books. While you can perhaps chant in your car and read during your lunch breaks, meditation is best done in a quieter, more settled environment.

Changing with the Seasons

The one thing that we can rely on in the relative world is that sooner or later, everything changes. Some change comes about by the choices we make but many happen due to natural laws beyond our control. Either way, change invariably causes some degree of disruption to our body-mind continuum. Recognizing these times of change and taking the necessary steps to maintain or re-store balance is an important part of our health, happiness and

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