Advanced Meditations

These meditations are longer and/or are more appropriate for those who have some previous meditation experience.

You may either sit or lie when you listen to them. You may choose to listen individually or with a group, either through speakers or headphones. Unless otherwise stated, the meditations are practiced with eyes closed so you should be seated or, in some cases, you can be lying down. Please do not listen to any of the meditations whilst driving or during focused activity.

It is not unusual for there to be some release of physical or emotional stress during a meditation practice. Generally this is mild however, if at any time, you feel overly uncomfortable, open your eyes, stop the meditation and just sit easily. Once the discomfort has subsided, you may return to the meditation if you choose.

They are not intended to replace any instructions or treatments you are receiving from a healthcare provider and no claims are made for any specific results.

Ascension Meditation (20 minutes)

In our essence we are beings of Light. This meditation helps to move beyond the physical realm and reconnect with our Light Body.

Awakening the Divine Energy, Chakra Meditation (22 minutes)

This meditation uses the sounds of the the chakras and the Gayatri Mantra to awaken the body’s energy centers.

Heart Sutra Meditation (17 minutes)

Planting specific intentions at the level of Being, to activate the qualities of the heart.

Higher States of Consciousness Meditation (16 minutes)

A meditation to glimpse Cosmic, Divine and Unity Consciousness.

Light Awareness Meditation (20 minutes)

Sharing Pure Light with the world.

Meditation for Forgiveness (9 minutes)

Unlocking the knots of forgiveness.

Nourishing the Body Meditation (13 minutes)

Using Vedic texts to activate the body’s inner healer for health and transformation.

Overcoming Addictive Behavior Meditation (11 minutes)

Learning to release, move beyond and help heal addictive behavior.

Receiving Divine Light Meditation (11 minutes)

A meditation to fill the physiology with the Light of the Divine. Can be practiced sitting or lying.

Spiritual Heart Meditation  (14 minutes)

Accessing the wisdom of your spiritual heart to activate inner intelligence, peace and well being.

The Chopra Center Meditation (34 minutes)

The standard meditation practiced twice daily at the Chopra Center and at its workshops.

The Ever Present Witness Meditation (18 minutes)

Connecting with the eternal, immortal presence within to recognize the silent witness in all things.

The Fire of Transformation Meditation (10 minutes)

Transforming whatever no longer serves us. Transforming fear into love.

The Grace of the Enlightened Masters Meditation (9 minutes)

Receiving Divine Grace, embraced by the love of the Great Masters

The Mahavakya Meditation (27 minutes)

Using the great sayings from the Upanishads to expand consciousness.

The SynchroDestiny Empowerment Sutra Meditation (16 minutes)


Varanasi, City of Light Meditation (21 minutes)

Take a virtual journey for the blessings of India’s most sacred city, Varanasi.

Witnessing the Emotions Meditation (13 minutes)

Releasing emotional toxicity from the mind and body.

Yoga Nidra Short Version (23 minutes)

Yoga Nidra literally yogic sleep, is a state of deep relaxation, where the senses gradually withdraw from the external to the inner world, pratyahara.

Yoga Nidra Long Version (42 minutes)

Yoga Nidra literally yogic sleep, is a state of deep relaxation, where the senses gradually withdraw from the external to the inner world, pratyahara.