Short Meditations

These mediations are under 10 minutes in length and are meant for when you just have a few minutes to spare or to quickly address a specific issue.

You may either sit or lie when you listen to them. You may choose to listen individually or with a group, either through speakers or headphones. Unless otherwise stated, the meditations are practiced with eyes closed so you should be seated or, in some cases, you can be lying down. Please do not listen to any of the meditations whilst driving or during focused activity.

It is not unusual for there to be some release of physical or emotional stress during a meditation practice. Generally this is mild however, if at any time, you feel overly uncomfortable, open your eyes, stop the meditation and just sit easily. Once the discomfort has subsided, you may return to the meditation if you choose.

They are not intended to replace any instructions or treatments you are receiving from a healthcare provider and no claims are made for any specific results.

Breath Awareness Meditation  (9 minutes)

A simple meditation to help settle the mind and the body.

Centering Exercise (4 minutes)

A simple exercise, which can be done standing or sitting, to ground and align the physical and subtle bodies.

Enlivening Abundance Meditation (8 minutes)

Using the Sanskrit sound SHRIM, to enliven abundance on all levels of the physiology.

Enlivening Compassion Meditation (8 minutes)

Using the sound OM MANE PADME HUM to awaken the compassion within you.

Enlivening Harmony Meditation (8 minutes)

Using the Sanskrit sound AMRITAM to awaken harmony in your life.

Enlivening Inner Wisdom Meditation (8 minutes)

Using the Sanskrit sound AYIM, to awaken the inner wisdom.

Enlivening Joy Meditation (8 minutes)

Using the Sanskrit sound ANANDA to awaken your feelings of joy.

Enlivening Love Meditation (7 minutes)

Using the Sanskrit sound PREM, to enliven love throughout the physiology.

Enlivening Peace Meditation (7 minutes)

Using the Sanskrit sound SHANTI, to enliven peace throughout the physiology.

Enlivening the Qualities of the Spiritual Heart Meditation (8 minutes)

Using the Sanskrit sound HRIM, to harmonize the energies of the body.

Fearlessly Facing Change Meditation (9 minutes)

Overcoming the fears associated with life’s changes.

Meditation to Release Anger (7 minutes)

Helping to let go of current or stored anger.

Meditation to Release Fear (7 minutes)

Helping to release current or accumulated fears.

Meditation to Release Frustration (7 minutes)

Calming the turbulent mind.

Meditation to Release Inner Conflicts (9 minutes)

Helping to deal with internal conflicts whenever they arise.

Meditation to Release Sadness (8 minutes)

Helping to move from sadness to joy.

Non-attachment Meditation (8 minutes)

Learning to let go of the unnecessary things in life.

Releasing Any Emotion in the Moment Meditation (5 minutes)

Releasing emotions before they become toxic.

So Hum Breath Awareness Meditation (13 minutes)

A simple meditation using the mantra So Hum for relaxation and inner peace.

Seeing Your Own Inner Light (6 minutes)

A simple exercise to glimpse the light that you are.

The Divine Breath Meditation (9 minutes)

A prayer from Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, to accompany the breath.

Welcoming Bliss Meditation (7 minutes)

Filling every cell of the body with joy and bliss.