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Knowledge is an important component of our spiritual growth.

Over the period of some 30 years, I have written these articles to illustrate a variety of spiritual ideas and principles.

Knowledge can guide us in our practices, let us know what to expect along the way and support us in times of doubt. However, knowledge alone can only take us so far. Direct experience is equally as important so I encourage you to choose the practices which resonate with you and make them part of your daily life.

These articles have been grouped by categories to help you select the ones that may be of greater interest to you. 

Edited versions of some of these articles have been published in other places, including the Chopra Center Lifestyles Newsletters.

I have always tried to fully research each topic and apologize for any inaccuracies. Unlike scientific “facts”, spiritual wisdom is open to interpretation. These articles reflect my understanding of the subjects. Please read them with an open mind and find the path that best suits you.

Meditations and Mantra

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Meditation

The word meditation covers a wide range of different practices.  The following answers relate mostly to the silent meditation practices taught by Chopra Global, such as Primordial Sound Meditation.  These answers are intend as general guidelines, please consult one of the Chopra certified instructors if you have more specific concerns. I’ve grouped the questions to make it easier to find those of interest to you. General Q. Are there different types of meditation? A. There are several

Meditation’s Great Gifts

All traditions and religions describe some form of enlightenment or spiritual awakening.  Unfortunately most people are spiritually asleep, some snoring soundly.  Meditation is our wake up call, when we rub the sleep of ignorance from our eyes and begin to enjoy the great bounty that awaits us. The good news is that we’re all already enlightened, we’re all perfect in every way.  Perfectly happy, perfectly healthy, all our desires are instantly fulfilled.  I know you’re rolling your eyes but,

The Foundations of a Spiritual Practice

We can think of a spiritual practice as something similar to building a beautiful, tall mansion set in lush gardens. This mansion is like no other. When finished, it will be filled with exquisite works of art, celestial music and treasures beyond compare. Everything you could ever want or need will be in exactly the right place at the right time. Peace, harmony, joy and love will radiate to everyone who visits. This mansion is

The Alchemy of Desire

The ignorant man asks for material possessions, the intelligent man asks for enlightenment but the wise man just loves and receives everything We all have desires.  In fact wants and then don’t wants are regularly popping in and our of our heads.  But how often do we stop and ask ourselves what we do really, really want and even then, how much of the time are we really sure?   What we put our attention

The Seven Stages of Spiritual Development

We are all spiritual beings and all have the potential to fully embrace our spirituality.  However, like everything in life, embarking on our spiritual path is a choice.  In life we are each presented with several choices, leading to new stages of development.  Initially, most of us progress along the same path but, at certain points, we have choices - whether to stay immersed in the status quo world or to explore the splendors of

Surrender – The Greatest Victory

When most people hear the word surrender, they think of something negative.  Giving up, losing, being humiliated, allowing oneself to be controlled or perhaps even imprisoned.  However, when used in a spiritual context, surrender also means to give up but here it’s to give up everything that no longer serves us.  Spiritual surrender is to stop struggling against “what is”, to let go of the smallness of life and fully embrace its Totality. In the

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