Meditation is one of the most powerful tools we can use on our spiritual journey.

Meditation allows us the opportunity to turn our awareness inwards, to explore our inner world and its relationship with our external world.

The word meditation covers a wide variety of different mental activities. In my opinion the most powerful form of meditation, is the silent use of a personal mantra to take our awareness from activity to the silence, at the deepest level of our Being. This type of meditation is best learned from a qualified teacher. One such technique is Primordial Sound Meditation, taught by teachers certified through the Chopra Center or through its online program. For further information on Primordial Sound Meditation, please visit

Guided meditations, as the name implies, offer a simpler path whereby we follow instructions guiding us through different processes to find inner peace and calm. The guided meditations included here are divided into three categories. They are intended to help balance and harmonize various aspects of the body, mind and emotions, opening the way for deeper spiritual explorations.

  • General meditations cover a range of subjects and may be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their meditation experience.
  • Short mediations are under 10 minutes in length and are meant for when you just have a few minutes to spare or to quickly address a specific issue.
  • Advanced meditations are longer and/or are more appropriate for those who have some previous meditation experience.

In some of the meditations I may instruct you to see, to feel, or be aware of different things. While this is easy for some people, it can be quite difficult and frustrating for others. Some people see things mentally while others feel them in their body, others use their imagination. Awareness and imagination are basically the same thing. Please don’t struggle to have the “correct” experience. The experience you have is the correct one for you.

My teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used to say, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” Some of these meditations are original, some have come as gifts from my many teachers, others have been adapted from various sources. I offer my gratitude to all the teachers who have paved the way before and invite you to enjoy and share these meditations in whatever way you feel is appropriate.

I’ve shown approximate length of time for each meditation. Please allow an additional few minutes so you can complete the meditation comfortably.

Many more guided meditations are now available on the Chopra App, which can be downloaded from the App Store. 

Please find a comfortable place, where you won’t be disturbed.

You may either sit or lie when you listen to them. You may choose to listen individually or with a group, either through speakers or headphones. Unless otherwise stated, the meditations are practiced with eyes closed so you should be seated or, in some cases, you can be lying down. Please do not listen to any of the meditations whilst driving or during focused activity.

It is not unusual for there to be some release of physical or emotional stress during a meditation practice. Generally this is mild however, if at any time, you feel overly uncomfortable, open your eyes, stop the meditation and just sit easily. Once the discomfort has subsided, you may return to the meditation if you choose.

None of these meditations are intended to replace any instructions or treatments you are receiving from a healthcare provider and no claims are made for any specific results

The Fire of Transformation Meditation (10 minutes)

Transforming whatever no longer serves us. Transforming fear into love.

The Mahavakya Meditation (27 minutes)

Using the great sayings from the Upanishads to expand consciousness.

The SynchroDestiny Empowerment Sutra Meditation (16 minutes)

Enlivening spiritual awakening with tools from Deepak Chopra’s SynchroDestiny programs.

Varanasi, City of Light Meditation (21 minutes)

Take a virtual journey for the blessings of India’s most sacred city, Varanasi.

Yoga Nidra Long Version (42 minutes)

Yoga Nidra literally yogic sleep, is a state of deep relaxation, where the senses gradually withdraw from the external to the inner world, pratyahara.

Yoga Nidra Short Version (23 minutes)

Asking Love (5 minutes)

Path to Renewal (14 minutes)

Meditation for Health and Healing (12 minutes)

Listening to Love Meditation (10 minutes)

Inner Pilgrimage Meditation (15 minutes)

Gayatri for Enlightenment (11 minutes)

Being Aware (9 minutes)

Meditation for the Mother (13 minutes)

Purifying the Heart Center (10 minutes)

Love is the Greatest Healer (6 minutes)

Heal the heart using the mantra Prem. Start video at 7:00 to bypass the introduction and begin guided meditation using the mantra Prem.