The word Mahavakya means a great pronouncement or great statement, which expresses the message of the One Universal Truth.

In ancient Vedic times, a teacher would sit with his or her students and expound on the great wis-dom teachings. The more advanced students were introduced to the knowledge of higher states of consciousness and enlightenment and many of these teachings are recorded in the texts of the Upanishads. At certain points in the teachings, when the teacher felt the student was ready, he or she would say the appropriate Mahavakya. By hearing that “great Truth” at just the right time, the student’s awareness would take a quantum leap causing a shift into higher consciousness. Rather like a cosmic ah-ha moment!

We can still find these Mahavakyas in the Upanishads and other Vedic teachings. Reading them is still valuable but, whether to the same intensity as previously, is questionable. However, using the same principle as in ancient times, statements of Universal Truth can still be used to activate the qualities within a student, to bring about profound transformation.

In his ground-breaking book The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire and workshop Syn-chroDestiny, Deepak Chopra introduces us to a set of Mahavakyas, aimed to enliven the same process of spiritual awakening. Deepak also refers to these as Sutras. The word Sutra means stitch, to join together or something which connects an intention at the level of the Soul. In this case, the Sutra’s intention is to embed Truth deep into our consciousness and re-awaken the Truth which is lying there, long forgotten. They transform us from the local, false, ego centered identity to non-local all knowingness.

Nowadays, unless we are fortunate to have an intimate relationship with an enlightened teacher the Mahavakyas cannot be imparted as they were in previous times. However, in using them as Sutras, Deepak gives us a simple procedure for gaining great benefit from them.

Deep within our awareness in the silent spaces between our thoughts lies the field of Infinite Or-ganizing Power. This is where anything is possible. When we release an intention into this field, it’s like planting a seed in the most fertile ground possible, where the Universe handles all the details. This is where these Great Truths begin to sprout, grow and eventually bloom as our every day reality. Instead of living in chaos and confusion, we begin to enjoy life from the level of peace, harmony, joy and the spontaneous fulfillment of all desires.

Normally, our mind is cluttered with all the thoughts, emotions and memories of everyday living. When we have a desire, it can easily become lost and entangled with everything else that’s going on. It makes very little impression at the deeper levels of awareness. It’s the equivalent of throwing a large rock into a lake whose surface is very turbulent. We hardly notice the splash. However, when we first settle the mind and then release the intention, it’s like dropping a small pebble in the middle of a still, clear lake so the ripples go out to the very edges. The intention permeates every level of our Being.

In Vedic times, the enlightened master’s teachings would bring the student’s mind to that level of stillness, where the Mahavakya was most potent. For us meditation is a key ingredient and tool we use. Meditation expands our awareness to that place of inner silence and there we release the intention permeated Mahavakya. Then we detach from the outcome and allow the mind to be-come still again. The ripples go out, the surface settles and we drop the small pebble again. If we begin to judge and evaluate, the ego takes over and very soon we are back in the chaos and confusion. The surface becomes turbulent. Plant the seed, detach from the outcome and allow the Universe to do its job perfectly.

The seven Mahavakyas Deepak shares with us, including two from the original Upanishads, are in Sanskrit. They have been used to transcend the activity of the mind and awaken higher states of consciousness for thousands of years. They act like a well-worn path leading us on our home-ward journey. If you have visited the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California, you will have seen them inscribed on the walls of the meditation room.

The SynchroDestiny Mahavakyas

With Sanskrit, the vibration of the word is enough but, as the intellect always asks, I have given the meaning and its interpretation.

Aham Brahmasmi (a hum brah mass mee) – I am the Totality. Everything becomes possible because it already exists within us.

Tat Tvam Asi (tat t-vam ah see) – Thou art That, I am That. Understanding our true, authentic Self is the same as the Ultimate Reality. You and I are the same.

Sat Chit Ananda (sat chit ah nan da) – Truth, Knowingness, Bliss. Discovering or acknowledging the inner nature of our Soul.

Sankalpa (san kal pa) – the seed of intent. My intentions have infinite organizing power when they come from my True Self. My true intentions will always also benefit others.

Moksha (moke shah) – freedom, liberation. Transforming negative energy into the higher consciousness of joy and inner peace.

Shiva-Shakti (she va shak tee) – the balancing of all opposites. Embracing and unifying our masculine and feminine energies for infinite flexibility. Ritam (ree tam) – the Eternal Cosmic Order or Supreme Law of the Universe. The principle which regulates and coordinates the operation of the Universe. The first form of Truth which allows us to break free from the prison of Karma.

Activating the Mahavakyas in daily life

As there are seven Mahavakyas, we can introduce a different one on each day of the week. It doesn’t matter where in the week you begin. They can be practiced first thing in the morning and again in the late afternoon or at another convenient time during the day.

Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit and begin with at least 15-20 minutes of silent meditation. At the Chopra Center we recommend Primordial Sound Meditation but you can use another form of silent meditation, if you prefer.

The following are two options for the practice:

  1. At the end of the meditation period, try to remain as still as possible with your eyes closed and silently repeat just the Mahavakya for the day three times, pausing silently for a few seconds between each repartition. When you have finished, rest silently for a few minutes before resum-ing your activity. Follow the order in which the Mahavakyas are shown above and start again at the beginning on day eight.
  2. At the end of the meditation period, try to remain as still as possible and gently open your eyes. Starting with Day 1, silently read the first statement and repeat the Mahavakya, pausing silently for a few seconds before reading the next statement and the Mahavakya again. When you have finished, rest silently for a few minutes before resuming your activity. Continue the next day, following the order below and start again at the beginning on day eight. If can you re-member the statements, complete the practice without opening your eyes.

Day 1

The whole Universe exists within me
Ahum Brahmasmi
I am connected to everything that exists
Ahum Brahmasmi
I am Infinite and Eternal
Ahum Brahmasmi

Day 2

My Spirit is not only in me but in all other beings and everything that is
Tat Tvam Asi
Everybody is a reflection of myself
Tat Tvam Asi
I am centered and at peace knowing that everyone and everything I see is myself in a different disguise
Tat Tvam Asi

Day 3

My heart radiates Pure Unconditional Love
Sat Chit Ananda
My heart radiates Pure Bliss and Joy
Sat Chit Ananda
I have no attachments and create peace wherever I go
Sat Chit Ananda

Day 4

The whole Universe is a vast ocean of Consciousness
My intention orchestrates the infinite activity of the Universe
My intention can bring healing, joy and fulfillment wherever it is needed

Day 5

I am without limitations, a field of Awareness, everywhere at all times
There are no limitations to what I can manifest or become
I exist in a field of Infinite Possibilities at all times

Day 6

I am both masculine and feminine
I am a divine being, all gods and goddesses reside within me
I am the coming together of all opposites

Day 7

I am the harmony of the Universe
The Universe provides everything I need
I am constantly transforming and evolving into higher consciousness

Mahavakyas have been used for thousands of years to expand consciousness and open the door to enlightenment. It is a journey of exploration and discovery where the great wisdom treasures are just waiting to reveal themselves to sincere seekers of Truth